Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Soccer Popularity in America

Lionel Messi, David Beckham, and Christiano Ronaldo Ask every American children between the ages of 10-20 and opportunities are they would tell you that these are the modern heroes who have replaced American baseball stars in the popularity index over the past two or 3 decades. Americans like sports and we all believed the baseball would be the most popular sport in this nation. However recent trends convey a various picture. Why don't we take a closer view why soccer could be changing baseball as our nation's preferred sport.

The reach of Major League Soccer

Over the past years approximately, the Major League Soccer (MLS) has actually literally blown up in its reach to American homes. Even if it is regarded as a lower kind of league when compared with other well-known leagues such as Bundesliga, La Liga, and English Premier League. Numbers tell a completely various story. About ten years back, MLS just had actually ten teams with 3 owners. Fast forward to 2014, 19 clubs are playing and more are on their method. David Beckham, one of the primary factors of soccer's increasing popularity will even purchase an MLS expansion group in Miami.

The demographics of this nation also plays a big consider the unexpected popularity of the sport. Fans of soccer are young and they are a fast growing neighborhood. A research recommends that the majority of the soccer fans in America belong in the 12-29 age group and are members of Hispanic race. These are the indomitable fans who keep a close watch on soccer statistics and literally have them on their fingertips!

Dominating demographic trends

Hispanics are migrating in the United States and by the year 2050, a third of the populace of America will be Hispanics. A recent dipstick survey amongst the Hispanic population revealed that 56 per cent of this population is likely to watch the upcoming FIFA World Cup in between the months of June and July. A clear opposite of white non-Hispanic with only around 20 % of individuals tuning in FIFA World Cup.

There is also a third compelling element that explains the increasing popularity of soccer in America. American parents today are encouraging their wards to use up soccer as a sport to pursue rather than football. Playing football can be dangerous and this leads parents to select soccer over it. Today 30 percent of American homes have a least of one family member playing soccer. Once again soccer stats bear witness to this truth. There were only 100,000 players in the US Youth Soccer Association in the year 1974. Right now, it is closer to 3 million.

All of these facts point to a single direction. Baseball is still our favorite sport but it might quickly be changed by soccer in less than a decade.